Zombies at the Bear Trail in Cullompton by Chris Green

When:   28th October – 28th December
Where:  The Bear Trail, Westcott, near Cullompton, Devon
Time:     2 x 2 hour sessions between 10:30am – 4:00pm
Price:     Adults = £19.50, Children = £13.50

The Bear Trail in Westcott, near Cullompton, is a popular muddy family assault course in Devon, with over 27 different obstacles to run, jump and climb! From October to December this awesome course is being transformed into a deadly zombie trail – can you make it through the course and survive the clutches of the living dead?

If you’re brave enough to attempt the course on the day, you can expect there to be be zombies groaning, moaning and doing their best to stop you. After all, it’s a well known fact that Zombies love hiding in ditches, lurking in mud and jumping out from concealed places to chase their unsuspecting victims!

Lee Ogden, The Bear Trail Manager said about the event: “We really need your help. We are urging adults and children of Devon and beyond to help us defeat the walking dead, end the Zombie Apocalypse and restore peace and order to our Devon town. It’s a dangerous mission – many of you will become infected and there’s currently no known antidote. Only the bravest Zombie defeaters should join up.”

During your 2 hour slot you’ll have the option to run through the course as many time as you can – perfect for energetic kids!

Other facilities on the day will include:

  • Best Dressed zombie competition
  • Post for photos with wandering zombies
  • Food and refreshments from the Zombie cafe

All customers will receive a ‘Survivor’ or ‘Infected’ medal for taking part.

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