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Your Most Precious Commodity – Your Time

Meaningful ways to achieve better use of your time

How do you accomplish what you want in life without feeling stretched, overburdened or burnt out? Are your days filled with task after task, commitments, appointments, etc with no time to think? How do you simply fit everything in?  These are really important questions to ask yourself if you want to achieve more time for you, with better results all round, and reach your goals and desires.

Take Ownership

Well, first of all you need to take ownership of your responsibilities, your commitments and priorities. You need to examine how you spend your valuable time and energy, and who you connect with throughout your day.  It is easy to forget how your energy, resources and time are all linked together.

By finding appropriate measures and methods to work through these issues and by looking at solutions that will really work for you, will eventually give you a more peaceful, harmonious life.  You will find your health improves, your relationships improve and you are able to make more confident decisions.

Value your Time

But first of all you need to learn to achieve better time control, and more importantly, you need to learn to value your time.  By valuing your time you will gain better understanding of how this helps you to take control of your diary, and will help you to develop strong boundaries around your time commitments. But changing habits can take awhile.  We learnt last week we talked about taking time back by measuring the cycles of your life. We looked at checking your energy levels and taking time out for yourself.

See below to check out the ways in which you can record your priorities in order to help you to understand your time commitments:

  • Write a list of the most important priorities in your life – is it your family, your health, your career, your hobbies etc?
  • Look at how much time and energy you spend on nurturing and developing each of the items on your list.  Some of the items may take more energy than others for example.
  • As your time is limited, think about whether you have got the balance right. Are you spending more time on the most important priorities, or are you spending more time on the items that are further down the list? Perhaps some things you feel an obligation to?
  • Take a cold hard look at what you say you value, against what you focus on.
  • Be realistic about how much you are trying to do as you only have only enough energy for the top priorities, yet you might find that things lower down the list are draining your time and energy.

Time is precious… and limited

We only have so much time available throughout our lives. Time is all we have, and when it runs out, that is it. So therefore make sure you understand how you are spending your time, and how you want to spend your time. And finally, try not to over commit yourself, but instead make sure you align your goals and desires so that they fit with your priorities and that you focus your attention on what is most important for you! 

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