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Photo by Mel Taylor

You don’t have to tackle everything all at once!

When we think and start to list all of the things we want to work on with our dogs, sometimes it can be overwhelming! It can also sometimes feel like there are lots of different struggles and then you end up asking yourself: “Which one should I pick first to work on and tackle?”

When it comes to the things that your dog is struggling on… pick your battles. You don’t have to tackle everything all at once! Enjoy your dog training journey.

Here’s our top tips to help:

  1. First up, ask yourself; which struggle is having the most impact on your relationship with your dog at the moment. Which one is creating a massive relationship bank account withdrawal. Whatever that struggle is, this is the one to work on first.
  1. Is the dog training struggle something that wouldn’t exist if your dog was in a different situation or not in the situation? So, with this one, ask yourself; does my dog REALLY need to be in this situation/scenario. For example; you’re having a pub lunch and you want your dog to settle on the floor by the table. For some dogs this is a really tough challenge and for some dogs, being in that situation isn’t really all that suitable for them. Sometimes the simplest answer is to not involve your dog.
  1. Think of the 20% that will get you 80% results! By this we mean there are certain skills and concepts that we can grow in our dogs that will trickle into all areas of their life. For example; growing the concept of calmness is powerful when it comes to solving many different struggles. A calm dog makes great choices, the behaviours they choose to do are always appropriate.
  2. Another example of this is playing the game BOUNDARY GAMES. Boundary Games helps to solve so many different types of struggles, from counter surfing, bolting from the front door or car, jumping up, multi dog household struggles, struggles with when visitors come around, struggles with being able to settle, struggles with being left alone…..we could go on! Boundary Games really does help with so many different things, and is a must to play with your dog!

Whatever the struggle and wherever you are in your dog training journey, know that there is always hope

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