Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.
Woolacombe Warren

“You can paddle your paws and toes on this lovely walk” – Photo by Lauren Langman

Woolacombe Warren 

This is a lovely circular beach walk for you and your dog. It is only about a mile along the South West Coast Path and should take you about 45 minutes. It’s perfect for a quick brush with nature. The sea breezes will clear your head, and freshen your thoughts for the day. You will go across a great beach, and you should be able to spot some beautiful views along the way.


  • Start off at the National Trust car park at Marine Drive and follow signs for the South Coast path.
  • Make sure you go past the National Trust bench and the dog pooh bin.
  • You will eventually come across a large waymark post.
  • At this point you need to turn right down the track until you reach a junction in the sand dunes.
  • Once you reach this junction make sure you go to the right where you will descend through the dunes and onto the wonderful sands.
  • Once you are on the beach make sure you turn right towards Mill Rock.
  • When you reach Mill Rock go on slightly further and walk past it.
  • At this point you will be able to climb up a gap in the dunes to return to where you started from.

I hope you find these walks helpful. Read more Wednesday Walks HERE. And check out Devon Dogs Calendar of Events HERE.

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