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Photo by John Clive NicholsonCC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Woodland Walk through Clovelly & Mouth Mill

At 5 miles in length, this is a perfect Spring walk passing through Clovelly and Mouth Mill in North Devon. The path is rocky in places and may be muddy, so it is a moderately difficult coastal walk. 


  • The walk will be starting in Brownsham Car Park. Turn left out of the entrance and then right along a downhill path to Mouth Mill. You will then enter some woods – when the path forks take the right bridleway. Continue along this path before turning right up a rocky track.
  • At the end of the track head through the gate and stick to the left edge of the field. There is a bridleway to guide you across the next field, and it will take you through a gate in the middle. On the other corner of the field is a track – bear left and follow the bridleway down through Court Farm.
  • When you reach the church and estate yard you can stop to take a look at the gardens if you wish. When you’re ready to continue, bear right up the drive and turn left onto a pavement at the end. Keep going on this pavement and head past some ‘no through road’ signs. When you reach a small car park you can optionally head right for a look around Clovelly village if you wish.
  • When you’re ready to continue, head left at the small car park onto a coastal path towards Brownsham. Take the left fork through a black gate. Follow the track and the acorn waymarkers along the clifftop through parks and fields before eventually reaching woodland. Turn right at the junction onto another coastal path towards ‘Angel’s Wings’ shelter. On the other side of the shelter fork right and follow the path above some cliffs before heading downhill towards a T-junction. At the junction head downhill left and take the path to the coast at Mouth Mill.
  • Once you reach Mouth Mill head to the left by the sea wall. Cross over the stream and turn left up the track beyond. Turn right after the building and follow the coastal path through the woods. At the far end of the woods is a stile taking you to a hill with another gate and stile on the other side. The next path will take you inland along a green lane. As you reach the farm buildings bear to the right and then right again to take you back to the road with the car park you started from.

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