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winter training

Winter Training & Goals for 2022

With winter fast approaching, thoughts now turn to winter training plans and our goals for 2022. Whether you have aspirations of achieving success at an agility competition next year or turning a particular training struggle around, everyone should set themselves some training goals…no matter how big or small!

Goal Setting

Goal setting is important as it helps to keep your mind focussed on what training you should be doing, rather than aimlessly practicing something you have done countless times before or continuing to play the same game, the same way. It is very easy to become very comfortable in your training sessions and setting goals forces you to step outside your comfort zone! This is so important! Any training game or skill needs to be moved on and progressed. Challenging yourself and your dog is how you move forward.


If you need some training inspiration and hand with goal setting, we can help! Our dog training holidays are unique. We can tailor to your training needs and you get to stay on site in one of our beautiful farm style cottages. If you have 2022 dog training dreams, we can help you to make them a reality.

Do you need help with a training struggle?

Visit our website for more info on ways we can help: www.devondogs.co.uk or email us HERE if you have any questions. If you’d like to combine a holiday with dog training, check out our staycation packages HERE. We can also give you a Behaviour Consult if you live a long way from Bowerland and are not sure where to start in your training journey. 🙂

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logoDo you have a training issue you want to tackle? Come and stay with us in our cottage style apartments, right in the heart of Dartmoor, and make the most of our fantastic training facilities onsite.


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