Winky the One-Eyed Dog


Photo courtesy of RSPCA Queensland Facebook

This week we are pleased to bring you a story about Winky, a one-eyed Bull Terrier from Australia who had no-one to love him, but now has a very happy ending.

Winky was found tied up, abandoned and left for dead by shocked and appalled rescuers. After spending some time at an RSPCA unit, he was brought to the RSPCA ‘Big Adopt Out’ day in September along with 300 other dogs. Whilst most of the other dogs found a new home, Winky sadly didn’t and was brought back to the RSPCA unit.

Staff at the unit believed that Winky’s eye injury made him less attractive to potential new owners. Thankfully, Winky and the staff at the RSPCA unit’s prayers were answered when a lady named Kym Duffield came along. As Kym arrived and looked the dogs, Winky’s friendly nature caught her eye.

“He came straight up to me and I knew he was going to be a good match for our dog Scout,” Kym explained.

Their other dog had recently passed away and Scout was finding it difficult to get over the loss of her companion. Kym was worried whether it was too soon to get another dog, but thankfully Winky fitted in perfectly! Although it’s only been a few days since Winky was adopted, he and Scout are already smitten with each other! Having spent just under a year at the RSPCA kennels, Winky couldn’t believe he had his own yard to play in!

At Bowerland Holiday Cottages and Devon Dogs we love dogs with amazing personalities like Winky, and we’re glad his story has a happy ending. Is your dog having training issues? Give us a call on 07717 696623 and let us help give your dog training journey a happy ending.

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