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A Circular Walk through Lynton and the Valley of Rocks – around 6 Miles

The Valley of Rocks runs parallel to the coast in north Devon, close to the village of Lynton. It’s a popular tourist destination, noted for its geology, having good exposures of the Lynton Beds that are among the oldest rocks in north Devon

Park up in Lynton and from Lynton High Street go to the Valley of Rocks Hotel. Take the road between the Hotel and the church called North Walk. Ignore the road that goes hard back right and follow the coast path, Valley of Rocks signpost, instead.  Follow this road over the railway and on towards the Valley of Rocks. Keep on this path, ignoring the path that goes up to the left by a sheltered seat. Continue along the coast path.

When you reach the roundabout in the middle of the Valley of Rocks, go ahead over the roundabout and follow this road for a short distance. Make sure you take the footpath that then bears off to the right. You will find some lovely views along this path of the beach below. Near the end of this path it climbs to the left and back to the road and the old toll house.

Turn right on to the road and follow it to the main entrance to the Lee Abbey. Opposite the main entrance take the track that goes off to the left, through the bridle gate. Make sure you stop to take in the lovely views over Lee Bay and Woody Bay.

Follow this track until you reach a track going hard back left with it also going ahead into the woods. Turn hard left to follow this track as it slowly climbs.  At the next hairpin bend follow it round to the right. Continue up hill to the gate and on through the gorse ahead. As soon you reach Sixacre Farm, pass through the gates and on up the farm drive, through the gate to the road.

At the road turn left to pass the caravan site, keeping on this small road. When it starts to drop down hill keep on it until it bears right. Then take the footpath off to the left towards the Valley of Rocks and Southcliffe. Follow it over the stream and ignore the path that bears off to the left to Southcliffe, instead continuing down to pass the 1952 flood cemetery on the right.

The path then opens up into the Valley of Rocks. You might want to stop at this point in the picnic area on the right.  Toilets are over to the left. When you are ready, cross straight over the picnic area to the upper entrance and cross straight over to the gate by the Poets Shelter.

At this shelter take the path that goes up to the right, zigzagging up the hill on to Hollerday Hill. Once again you have an opportunity to take in the great views that open up as you climb. At the top follow the path that goes through the woods towards Lynton. You will drop through rock cuttings and come down to come out beside the Lynton Town Hall.  Turn left to return to your starting point.

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