Killerton to Ashclyst Forest – an easy walk of about 3.5 miles


Image credit: View from Killerton House by xlibber |  CC BY 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

From the car park at Killerton, cross the lane and head towards the gate. Follow this path into an orchard, going slightly to the right, towards another gate. Head left to join footpath to Killerton post office.

Continue along this lane until you pass the Motorway bridge. Then turn left onto some steps leading to a path. Follow this path and keep to the right of the house. Then cross the main road onto a track. Soon afterwards turn right onto yet another path which you will find runs parallel to the track. When it joins up with another track take a right turn. After about 180m turn left through the kissing gate, and just before the entrance to a house.

Continue along this path, go through the orchard. Then walk diagonally to the right towards a kissing gate. Once you reach it, continue though woodlands.

You will then need to turn left at a junction onto a track, making sure you go through the gate. Head in a south easterly direction towards another gate. Once you reach that gate, head in a north easterly direction towards Ashclyst forest. There is a path through the fields but you will need to search for it as it is not not clearly defined.

At the gate turn left into Ashclyst Forest and follow the blue trail. You will find it a lot more straight forward from this point as all the paths are well maintained. Head northwards until you reach a lane. Then turn left and continue along this lane until it joins the main Exeter to Cullompton Road. Make sure you cross carefully into Budlake and at a junction turn left.

You will pass by a small residential area, then turn right and follow a path which skirts around the motorway, finally crossing it. Walk straight ahead onto a path which will lead you to a lane. See if you spot a Roman fort which has been discovered left of the woods.

Turn right at the lane then left onto a track taking you back to Killerton and the car park.

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