heddons mouth

By Julie Anne Workman (Own work) | CC BY-SA 3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

A Walk around Heddon’s Mouth

Park up at the National Trust Car Park. With the National Trust shop on your right, walk down the road towards the pub (Hunter’s Inn). Keeping the pub to your right, follow the road over the River Heddon and carry on as it curves up to the left and then to the right. Go over the stone bridge and after a short while, turn right. Go through the gate along the footpath signed Heddon’s Mouth. Make sure you follow these signs all the way to the beach.

Follow the footpath until you reach the next gate. You will notice that there is a lovely woodland to your left, home to oaks, ash and some rare whitebeams.

Go through the gate and carry straight on. The path is quite a gentle one, and you will pass a stretch of traditional dry stone wall. Carry on past the wooden bridge. In front of you the valley will now open out with vast stretches of beautiful coloured heather in August. In Autumn you will also be able to smell the coconut smell of bright yellow gorse flowers.

Carry on up a slight incline, and just beyond the top you will find that the path reaches its end at the 19th century lime kiln at the beach. Do not enter the kiln. But it is a wonderful viewpoint down onto the pebble beach, up to the top of the cliffs and back along the valley behind you. This is a perfect opportunity to take a short break, and enjoy the views.

If you retrace your steps back up the valley, this time with the river on your left, you will get back to the National Trust shop and car park.  There are some different views seen from this direction.

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