The Granite Way starting at Sourton

granite way sourton-church

Sourton Church By Nilfanion (Own work) | CC BY-SA 3.0 | Wikimedia Commons

granite way view of Brentor

Brentor by Tony Atkin | CC BY-SA 2.0  | Wikimedia

granite way view at Lake Viaduct

Lake Viaduct by Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

This is an easy walk or cycle path that runs in total for 11 mile (18km) along the northwest edge of the granite massif of Dartmoor. The Granite Way has 3 main sections and on this walk I have concentrated on the section between Sourton Parish Church and Lake Viaduct.

Park up in the Parish Church car park and you can join the walk from this point. Weekdays it is fairly quiet but on a weekend you will find lots of other walkers and cyclists of all ages, with and without dogs, using this great path. It is very easy to walk on, lots of interesting views to see, sheep and cattle on adjoining sealed off fields, and a few isolate houses hiding in the distance.

The dramatically craggy features of Sourton Tors are clearly visible to the south, and further west in the far distance is Brentor church – an unmistakable and iconic site to see.

Although this was a former railway path, the trail has been built to weave in and out, providing a very interesting walk. Sourton Church is a wonderful old church and the views along this particular section encourage you to stop for a moment, to look around you, and spend a few minutes just sitting with your dog along the granite seats spaced out along the path.

I stopped at Lake Viaduct, which is built of local stone with spectacular views of the Moor and the surrounding countryside. In the distance I could see 4 para-gliders weaving in and out in the afternoon skyline – it looked like so much fun!

All in all the walk took about 40 minutes, with a short stop to admire the views on the way.


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