The Cookbury Bradford Trail  – roughly 6.5 miles

Bradford Cookbury Trail

Bradford Cross by Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

bradford cookbury trail

Dunsland Parkland by Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

Bradford Cookbury Trail – Lashbrook

Lashbrook by Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

This is a lovely walk to take, and a definite must if you are in the area. It is close to Bowerland, and a great walk to try if you are on holiday here. The trail is along an exceptionally beautiful and remote path which passes through a large area of wonderful Culm grassland.

If you are lucky you will see a buzzard or two, and you may even spot some deer and otters.  The trail will take you through two lovely little villages, Bradford and Cookbury. And very close by is the National Trust property of Dunsland House.

You need to start the walk from the village of Bradford, near the All Saints Church and Cross. Turn right along the lane from the Cross and take the first right down the farm track. Once you are on the track you then need to take the first right down the old green lane.

You will notice that halfway down the lane is a DEFRA Culm grassland circular walk, which if you have time, will make a nice detour. This particular walk is only about a quarter of a mile long and will take you along the river and through fields of Culm.

Going back to the green lane, follow this lane and this brings you out onto the Priestacott road. Turn left along this road until you reach the first footpath sign on your right, between the driveways of two houses.

Walk down the left-hand side of the first field and through the right-hand gate. Continue down along the left-hand side of the field to a small foot bride. Cross the stile, keeping to the left-hand field boundary until you reach a metal gate, opening onto the Lane End Crossroad. Walk straight up the lane towards Lashbrook  Farm. You cannot miss it.

At Lashbrook Farm take a turn to the right. At the next road junction turn right once again. Then at the following junction turn left passing the local school. Continue along this land until you reach the lovely little village of Cookbury.

At Cookbury, turn right into the rough track green lane. This takes you all the way up towards Bradford Manor crossing the River Waldon. When you meet the surfaced road turn right and you will be back into Bradford.

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