Bluebell Woods


Image credit: Tracey Reeve

This is a lovely, easy walk that should take you about 35-40 minutes. It is very picturesque, especially in the bluebell season in April/May time. I suggest you take a flask with you, and really enjoy the beautiful colours, and fragrance of the bluebells. They are a sight to behold!

  • Take the road to Okehampton, turn right opposite Betty Cottles towards Meldon Quarry.
  • Cross the A30 and park in a space on the right.
  • Walk across the road and up the footpath through the woods.
  • At the viaduct, go down the steps and cross the road.
  • Go down the track opposite on your left, though the gate and follow the river to the bridge on your right.
  • Cross the bridge, and turn right, pass Meldon Pool, through the gate and along until you see a small path and gate on your right, going back into the woods.
  • Follow the path to the bridge, go over the bridge, turn left and follow the path back to your vehicle.

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Carole Langman

About the Author: Carole Langman works behind the scenes at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs as the Business Manager. Her office is always a hive of activity, and with the vast amounts of work Carole has, we never really know how she gets through it all! To unwind, she loves gardening, hikes around Bowerland, travelling and writing.

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