Simple Steps to Turn your Road Blocks into Freeways

Are you stuck in a rut – can’t get past, around or over the obstacle no matter how hard you try? Are you feeling flat – low energy – loss of motivation and can’t seem to be able to move on ?

Road blocks sometimes happen when we feel overwhelmed with too much on our plates. Or sometimes they occur when we have a dip in our confidence levels. This can happen after being criticised, or feeling discouraged in what we are attempting to do. But no matter how we got here, we need to change our mood, we need to uplift ourselves and gain control of our power once again. We need to move on and rediscover our energy levels! 

Here are my simple steps to overcoming these obstacles:

  1. Identify what the blocks are, i.e. is it a particular job, task or just everything in your life at the moment?
  2. What is the common factor that has triggered this go slow? – start to identify the specific events that cause you to feel this way.
  3. Check out what has made this particular situation unsurmountable?
  4. Look at how it has manifested in you, ie what emotional feeling are you experiencing?
  5. List down ways in which you could free yourself up in order to give time and energy to finding a solution.
  6. Think about ways to avoid/get around/change the sequence of events that have led to the roadblock.

Overall, if you think about giving yourself time, attention and care then you are more likely to be in a better position, and more likely to shrug off many of the irritants that have caused this situation.

  • Build up your energy levels, think about how to care for yourself, what works for you?
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy your life in the way you want to, don’t feel restricted by anyone else’s opinions.
  • Give yourself time off – don’t fill every moment of every day with business or tasks. By allowing yourself time for your own thoughts, your own relaxation you will regain your energy levels. 
  • Do what you want – not what others want you to do.

Start today, don’t put it off, even if you only manage the identification stage. Even if you only manage to set some time aside in your busy diary for you time. This is at least a start, and your first step towards turning your particular road blocks into freeways.  

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