Tug-E-Nuff’s Frisbee


One of Devon Dog’s pups enjoying the Frisbee

Our latest product is taking the dog training world by storm. We’ve combined the fast paced fun from a game of fetch and the awesome relationship building power of a game of tug in our Frisbee… Fly, fetch and tug.

Made from the same hardwearing rip resistant material as our every popular Clam, its 100% waterproof which means it’ll float, so it’s ideal for playing at the beach.

Check it out now…

We’ve already had some amazing feedback from this truly irresistible addition to anyones training bag…

“What’s not to love…. I love the looks and feel. It’s robust, folds easily in my pocket. I LOVE THE WAY IT FLIES. It kind of floats as it flies, my dog can run and catch it most time. All my dogs have now got FRISBEE LOVE.”  Anna L

“This has got to be the best toy I have ever purchased for my dog. He doesn’t play fetch, so balls and Frisbees aren’t much fun normally – he just catches them and runs off with them. The only thing he ever brings to me is a tuggy toy because he loves a game of tug. This Frisbee has solved that. We have a little tuggy game with it, then I throw it and he catches it and because he wants to play more tuggy, he brings it back for another game. Brilliant!” Donna D

danny-rouseAbout the Author: Danny Rouse is one of 4 directors of Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, a family business based in Exmouth that has gone from a small local firm to an internationally recognised brand in the dog sport market. His role focuses on customer satisfaction and driving the business forward. In his spare time he enjoys long walks with his dog Horatio and loves sampling good food out and about in Devon. Danny and Horatio also train regularly at East Bowerland Farm with Devon Dogs.

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