Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

If your dog sometimes needs a bit of persuading to play, the right toy can make all the difference. Something that attracts their attention – and has the right textures to keep them interested – can be just what’s needed. That’s why we created the Crazy Thing Bungee Tug.

crazy thing bungeeIts bright and colourful strands of fleece are designed to mimic the feathers of a bird. We all know, the chance to catch and play with a bird is something most dogs find too hard to resist. It taps into their instinctive urge to play. You can enjoy hours of fun together as your dog shakes and tugs away.

The handle is made from our super-strong bungee material. So even if you have a large dog you don’t need to worry about how much tugging it can take. More importantly, your shoulders are protected from injury when playing with this tug, because it has such a comfortable handle.

We stock a range of colours for you to choose from – from raspberry pink to boyish blue. Available now in our online shop for just £12.95.

danny-rouseAbout the Author: Danny Rouse is one of 4 directors of Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, a family business based in Exmouth that has gone from a small local firm to an internationally recognised brand in the dog sport market. His role focuses on customer satisfaction and driving the business forward. In his spare time he enjoys long walks with his dog Horatio and loves sampling good food out and about in Devon. He also trains regularly at East Bowerland Farm with Devon Dogs.

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