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One of our most popular toys is undoubtedly the Clam – and for good reason, too. It offers the owners and trainers of food-obsessed dogs the chance to achieve remarkable results.

The Clam makes establishing discipline, inspiring motivation and teaching commands a breeze. And it’s all thanks to its nifty design. Small enough to fit in your pocket and the perfect shape for throwing, The Clam is made of two ‘shells’ that hide between them a beautiful pearl (also known as a doggy treat!).

The two shells fasten together with Velcro and there is a clever opening which is large enough for your dog to get out their treat – but too small for the treat to fall out when The Clam is thrown.

clamYour dog will love chasing The Clam and being able to help themselves to their reward, without waiting for you to catch up. The Clam is designed in bright blue – a colour dogs see very well – so you won’t waste time waiting for your dog to track down a treat that’s been thrown in the dirt.

Best of all, your training results will be taken to the next level. All because of one small but mighty dog training toy! Buy your Clam today for just £15.95.

danny-rouseAbout the Author: Danny Rouse is one of 4 directors of Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, a family business based in Exmouth that has gone from a small local firm to an internationally recognised brand in the dog sport market. His role focuses on customer satisfaction and driving the business forward. In his spare time he enjoys long walks with his dog Horatio and loves sampling good food out and about in Devon. He also trains regularly at East Bowerland Farm with Devon Dogs.

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