5 Top Tips For Training Success

training success

This week I am bringing you one of our very best posts of 2016. Matt, the co-founder of Tug-E-Nuff, shares his top 5 tips to training success.

1.    Be consistent

Remember that it’s not just what happens during your dog training sessions that matters – it’s important to reinforce your training the rest of the time. Ask other family members to use the same command words as you do and be consistent with discipline in order to see better results.

2.    Cut back on junk food!

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but the happiest dogs are healthy dogs and choosing to feed your dog a high quality, vet-approved food (and resisting sharing your own tasty snacks) will make a big difference. Perhaps instead of a calorie-filled treat, offer one of our best dog toys instead!

3.    See every interaction as a learning opportunity

Your dog is picking up habits (good and bad!) all the time – not just when you’re in training classes. Reward good behaviour with praise, patting, playtime with one of your best dog toys or an edible treat. But remember, the reward should come after the good behaviour, not before.

4.    Stop beating yourself up when things go wrong

Just like humans, dogs sometimes have bad days. Instead of getting stressed (which your dog will pick up on), just accept it and go for a long walk instead. Tomorrow will be better!

5.    Invest in good quality dog training toys

As makers of some of the best dog toys on the market, we know how much of a difference the right toys can make to your training. We use sheepskin and rabbit fur in many of our tug toys to tap into your dog’s natural instincts and encourage them to learn through play. All our toys are made by hand in the UK and designed to last a long time, even in the paws of the toughest tuggers!

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