Motivation Part 2

motivationIf you missed last week’s Tuesday blog post, definitely check back to find out about the six main theories of motivation. This week we are focussing on some specific tips to get you motivated! Need to stick to your diet or struggling to stick to your dog’s training programme? These three top tips will help you to stay focussed on your goals and start seeing results!

Re-assess the size of your goals

Looking at one long-term goal is difficult in terms of successfully maintaining your motivation. Long-term goals seem very far away and it is difficult to keep motivated for such a long period of time. It can feel as if this goal will never be achieved and can leave you feeling helpless about moving forward. Instead, you should break down larger goals into smaller, short term goals. These are much more manageable and mean that you experience success sooner, which motivates you to continue on. For example, instead of saying ‘I want to be a size 12 in a year’s time’, change your goal to ‘I want to lose 2 pounds by next Tuesday’. A goal with a shorter time frame is much easier to manage, and therefore more likely to be achieved. Add up all of these shirt-term goals and you will realise the bigger picture.

Make your goals clear

Sometimes a goal is never achieved because it has never been properly defined. You may not really know what your goal is and therefore your motivation for achieving it doesn’t exist either. A great way to define your goals and therefore direct your motivation is to spend some quality time planning it out. Physically writing down what you want to achieve and splitting it down into smaller goals helps to organise your thoughts and makes your goal realistic.

Start today!

Lots of people have some amazing ideas about their futures and what they want to achieve. However, they will only ever stay ideas unless you act on them. Some people are forever waiting for the right time, the right opportunity, the right weather! Most of the time these things will never be right and your goal will never be achieved. Make a start right now and you have a better chance of reaching your target. You don’t have to do it all at once, even the tiniest progression will help to kick-start your journey to success. Wanting to run a marathon? Don’t just go out and run until you can’t anymore! A step towards this goal might be buying the right trainers, formulating a training plan, or contacting a training partner. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!

molly bridgeAbout the Author: Molly Bridge helps out with some of the work in the office, particularly with marketing and advertising. She originally trained as a teacher but some of her interests are brand promotion and customer experience. She doesn’t train dogs herself but is quickly getting used to how the business works! Molly has two Standard Poodles and a Border Collie to keep herself busy with at home!

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