What is Chase?


Does your dog chase?

Chase can be one of the most damaging relationship breaker between dogs and their owners. Chasing causes distress, noise, anxiety, embarrassment, and, at worse, can end in injury and a serious accident.

Does your dog chase?

Here we start a series of tips to help you deal with CHASE!  So here goes……

1. Mentally stimulate your dog as much as possible for the dog you have in front of you. A content dog is much less likely to get out there and chase! They are already stimulated and therefore happy to work with you rather than feel the need to go and chase!

2. Increase relationship – at the end of the day if the relationship is strong it can overcome ANYTHING! Chase included! Three of our favourite games are:

• Name game – say your dogs name and immediately feed them – pair their name with good things!

• Grab your dogs collar and feed them – teach them to LOVE having their collar grabbed!

• Teach middle – your dog between your legs, your dog can default to this whenever they find something difficult and it’s a behaviour close to your body so allows it to be a relationship bank account investment!

3. Try not to limit your dogs to the same ‘safe’ walks, the same secure field or confined to the limits of their lead. Think variety, road walks, fields, beaches, woodlands, tracks, home fitness sessions and really mix it up!

4. Strengthen your recall.  Play recalls everywhere, build it and add value at every stage!  We play:

• the name game – say the name and value it every time!

• practice at any opportunity

• build recall in all habitats!

• never ever think you are done!

5. We play a game called Distract, Mark, Treat!  It’s a super cool and easy game and is pretty much what we say on the tin – distract your dog or let a treat, or a stimulus naturally take their attention, then mark it, and treat them for orienting back to you! This really is a super game for orientation and builds huge value and confidence in the relationship you have with your dog!

Stayed tuned for five more Tips next week.

lauren langmanAbout the Author: Lauren Langman is responsible for the design and development of all Devon Dogs classes, events and workshops. She competes in Agility at Grade 7, the highest rank of competition in the British agility arena. She regularly competes and wins at top agility events in the UK including Crufts and Olympia, and has represented the UK at World Agility Championship level on many occasions.

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