How do I keep my dog calm when guests visit?

dog calmKeeping your dog calm when guests visit is something that so many people identify with – people coming to the house is a very exciting thing for our dogs! This excitement can lead to undesirable behaviours such as jumping up which will really don’t want, especially if our visitors are children or elderly! So, here are a few top tips to make this experience more enjoyable for all parties involved…

  1. Ask your guests not to ring the doorbell or knock on the door. Pre-arrange with your visitors a ‘non-exciting’ way to enter the house, for example leaving the door unlocked so they can just walk in, or getting them to text when they are outside so you can open the door for them. For many dogs a doorbell ringing is hugely exciting, so taking this part out can really make a difference to the arousal (excitement) levels of your dog.
  1. Prepare a long lasting tasty treat to keep your dog busy when guests are arriving. Kongs are great for this – use a filling that your dog loves and pop in the freezer to increase the longevity of the treat.
  1. Don’t let your dog greet your guests right away. There’s no harm in keeping him in a room away from the front door until he is nice and calm.

molly-bridgeAbout the Author: Molly Bridge helps out with some of the work in the office at Devon Dogs, particularly with marketing and advertising. She originally trained as a teacher, but some of her interests are brand promotion and customer experience. She doesn’t train dogs herself, but is quickly getting used to how the business works! Molly has two Standard Poodles and a Border Collie to keep herself busy with at home!

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