Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.

Training Plan Success

We get it, you know you need to work on building a skill, but you don’t have a clear plan as to how to facilitate it. Or maybe you have so many things to work on that you don’t know where to start?!

Before grabbing your training bag and dog, spend some time with pen and paper in hand (or at your computer!) coming up with a plan of action. We suggest that you write down EVERYTHING you need to work on to start off with. Get it all down on paper! Now, there is likely to be a lot, so it can be a bit overwhelming, but writing it all down is the first step!

  1. Now you have everything written down, start to pick the games/skills that you know your dog needs the most.
  2. Write up a separate list with these.
  3. From this new list pick 3 things and work on those 3 things for the next 3 weeks.
  4. Continue with this; picking 3 new things to work on for 3 weeks until you have achieve that list.
  5. Then go back to your original ‘all-games/skills-needed’ list and select more skills from there… and so on.

Having everything written down and then picking off things that you need to work on first will really keep your mind focussed and it’ll keep you striving forward.

If the thought of this is too much for you and you need some outside help, give us a shout! We have an expert team who help students with putting together a tailored training plan. For more info, head to: devondogs.co.uk.

We also have a new Zoom Training Call especially for those of us at home during lockdown. Check out Devon Dogs calendar of training events HERE.

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Do you have a training issue you want to tackle? Come and stay with us in our cottage style apartments, right in the heart of Dartmoor, and make the most of our fantastic training facilities onsite.


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