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Photo by Mel Taylor

Toys for Training your Dogs – Young and Old

We all know that puppies love to play, but don’t forget your older dogs as well. It is something that dogs love to do, and it is a great way of having fun with your pet. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

Manage your expectations: especially with older dogs. Don’t expect an elderly dog to be able to leap and run around in the same way a six-month-old puppy would. It’s important to assess your dog’s physical ability and design training sessions to fit in with this.

Establish a trusting relationship: This is really important for puppies and older dogs as well, if they already have a trusting, established relationship with their trainer.

Have clear goals: This is an important tip to bear in mind – all dogs respond particularly well to structure and by having clear goals in mind it can help you both to focus.

Be patient: It can take time to learn new things or iron out bad habits your older dog might have picked up
over the years. Expecting too much, too soon, will only result in both you and your dog becoming frustrated.

Use a favourite toy: It is really important to pick a toy that your dog will enjoy. If you’ve never used a training toy before, why don’t you start with a sheepskin dog toys. They can excite your dog and tap into their instinctive urge to play. And as we all know, the most effective way to learn is through play.

Have a look at the toys from our friends at Tug E Nuff. They have a huge range to choose from and we know that your dogs will love them! Check out more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE. And see our Events calendar HERE.


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