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Top Tips on Creating… PIZAZZ!

We often get asked questions like; How do I create a dog who is more motivated? How do I create a dog who reacts to cues quicker and does them with PIZAZZ?

Here’s what we think:

⭐️Create easy wins

 By this we mean super easy wins. Simple games such as restraining your dog and throwing a piece of food across the floor and as its rolling, let your dog go!

⭐️Animate your reinforcement

Don’t feed your dog to their mouth. Ask for a behaviour or skill or play a quick game and bowl the food for your dog to chase.

⭐️Behaviour Chains

Ask your dog for a behaviour, and then another, and then another….then mark and reward.

⭐️Play a quick game

Ask for a skill or behaviour, mark and then race your dog to a pot of food that you have placed on the side, then feed them.

⭐️And lastly

Keep the energy up and the training session short

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