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Bringing Time Management to the Next Level by Carole Langman

Don’t be under any illusions – you are the one who decides on how you manage your time. You are the one with the power!  Of course we all have things we have to do, and some of these things are out of our control in some way.  I am talking about work for example. Most of us still need to work, and have set hours in which we have to perform our tasks and responsibilities. But I want to concentrate more on your personal time, the little bit of spare time you have left after you have completed your duties.

My Tips

The first thing I do is to list everything I need to do and then I put it into categories.  These are the categories I use:

  • Do now – this is for important tasks that only I can do, and which have to be done that day
  • Delay – this is for tasks that can be put back, tasks that can wait for a day or two, but are still ones that I need to do
  • Delegate – some items on my list are for jobs that could be done by someone else
  • Delete – not everything on the list actually needs to be actioned

To Do List

Then I write a To-Do list and update it daily so that I keep on top of any actions that are needed.  This also helps me to review what is important and crucial and frees up mental energy so that I focus on the immediate task in hand.  That way I don’t have to worry, or procrastinate, I just get on with what is in front of me.  So, try to focus on the action point in hand, and try not to get distracted.  If necessary, write down what you need to do in detail for the task you are concentrating on.

Finish what you start

If you are anything like me, you have a limited amount of energy and a lot of things that need doing. I find it is much better to finish the task in hand rather than have a number of half finished, or just started tasks on my list. By ticking the important tasks off first, saves me energy and identifies what is outstanding.  So, finish what you can accomplish and then tick it off your list. Sometimes you tend to get stuck on some tasks, and can’t seem to move them on. That might be just the time you need to take a break!

And Finally

Another great tip is to take time out to take stock. Then you find you have renewed vigour when you return to the task in hand, and are far more productive.  Remember, try not to take on too much and don’t be afraid to say no. You don’t have to be busy every minute of every day. You need time to yourself, time to unwind, and time to look after you.

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