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The Secret to a Perfect Autumn

Autumn is a powerful time of great changes as we move away from the ripeness and warmth of a late Summer, right through to the shortest day of the year, reminding us that Winter is just around the corner. 

Autumn is summer going out with a blaze of colour

Autumn can be seen as being on the way down, as Summer goes out with a blaze of colour. The harvesting of fruit and vegetables are in abundance. Similarly it is also the time to gather in the fruits of your labour.  Apple picking is a great way to get out and forage for fresh, seasonal goodies. What could be better than a trip out to a ‘pick your own’  farm where you bump into other groups and families doing the same thing? And picking blackberries can even be better. After all, they are free and to be found on many a country lane, or edge of town. 

Thanksgiving Celebrations

This is also a great time of year to check out your local harvest suppers, and harvest festivals, when all the crops have finally been harvested. Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on the land. This very ancient tradition with Thanksgiving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest can be found around the world.

A time to tie up loose ends 

The Autumn season is also a good time to tie up any loose ends, finish specific pieces of work and clear your slate ready for the winter months ahead. As the season changes around us, with the weather becoming colder and the leaves dropping from the trees, we need to be aware of inner changes as well. As the nights draw in we can start to focus on the changes that are taking place, both from within as well as all around us.

Check out my tips below for ways to embrace the Autumn season:

  1. Diet changes – as the weather becomes cooler we look forward to changes in our diet.  This is the time to dig out all your soup recipes, and perhaps even try some new ones?  You can also test out some of the fantastic new herbal tea remedies, rather than the infused cold water which has been so very popular during the warmer months. My favourite of the moment is Vanilla Chai Tea!
  2. Make the most of the crisp mornings, take a good long walk with your dog and appreciate the amazing colours of Autumn all around you, whilst you can
  3. Breathing techniques – start and end your day with simple, straight forward breathing techniques in order to help your mind and body come into balance
  4. Finish any long term projects that are still outstanding – clearing your mind ready for more relaxation and reflection during the months ahead
  5. Get stocked up with reading materials, puzzles and games, to occupy you and your family as you hunker down on the darker evenings 

At Bowerland

Here at Bowerland we will be making these changes in order to prepare for this very introspective time of the year.  Our cottage guests are looking forward to enjoying cosy evenings sat by the wood burner and making the most of being a part of this beautiful Dartmoor landscape. 

I hope you enjoy my tips, let me know what you do to you embrace the change in seasons, let me know how you get on!

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