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The ‘S’ Word – Socialisation by Kelly Murrell

Out and about Adventures

The ‘S’ word —socialisation— is an important topic when it comes to puppies. But it must be done right. When taking your puppy out and about, look at each and every experience as a learning and training opportunity, so take some food out on the road with you so that you can reward good choices and to pair interactions your puppy is having with something positive.

Don’t view socialisation as a frantic time where you get your puppy to meet as many things, people and dogs as possible.

Don’t go overboard!

There’s no need to go overboard with who your puppy meets at their young age! It’s all about the experience your puppy is having and the key thing is that your puppy is having positive exposure, and is well balanced and level headed. View out and about adventures as un-forced, organic experiences your puppy is having.

Optimism Rocks

With the concept of optimism built up to form a foundation layer of skills, your puppy will be better prepared to cope with new experiences. Download this awesome free eBook for some great games!

Quality over Quantity

However, always advocate for your puppy, if you know an experience will be too much for them right at that moment, leave it for now, always think of these new experiences as QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Puppy Welcome Packages

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