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embracing change

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Next Step – Embracing Change

Here in the UK we are now moving to Step 2 as we gradually lift out of lockdown. With all the different messages that we are getting right now, it’s not surprising that some of us are struggling with the change they bring. It helps to focus on the following tips and techniques:

Reclaim your sense of equilibrium and peace of mind

  • Pace yourself – be aware that you need to go at the right pace for you not simply to follow what others are doing
  • Build up tolerance levels – introduce new challenges on a daily basis at a speed and level that is comfortable to you
  • Focus on the present, not the past or future – with all the changes that are happening you can only focus on what is happening today
  • Meeting up with friends and family again – some of us are desperate to do so but there are others who are more nervous. Going back into shops, pubs and restaurants might feel strange. We still have to follow social distancing rules 

The next step

The pandemic has created a different way of life for many of us. Believe it or not, this has resulted in us having more choices. It forced us to realise that the old ways of working can change more or less overnight and be totally out of our control. Make sure you take small steps as we now move out of lockdown. Make small changes, go at your own pace and concentrate on what you can control.

We are all different

And don’t forget – there’s no normal response to all these changes. We are all very different and have had very different experiences during lockdown. Your feelings are your own and will have been affected by lots of things that may have been out of your control. Also, your feelings may change as we progress out of lockdown. It might not always feel logical.

Take it a day at a time, we all have a huge journey ahead and we need to approach it in a way that is right for us. Read more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE.

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