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rewarding short break

The handsome Bailey

The most ‘rewarding’ short break by Bailey & Jane

Hello, I am Bailey, a very handsome and clever cockapoo and My Human (MH) and I travelled to Bowerland from Horsham, West Sussex for 3 days of training as she says I have little impulse control! We stayed on site in the Annexe and I was excited to see that there was a tuggy toy and treats waiting for me – always a good start. MH was impressed by the cottage, she said it was comfortable, clean and had lots of nice touches like shower gel and hand cream.

Loose Lead Walking

On the morning of the first day we met a nice lady called Michelle who spoke to MH about what we wanted to achieve – MH said it was about improving my loose lead walking, getting a start line wait at agility and generally getting me to focus (don’t know what she means, I focus very well on squirrels!). We played lots of games and I got lots of praise and treats for being a good boy. Sometimes I had to sit still and be calm…… that was the hardest part but I got the hang of it eventually!

In the afternoon we met another nice lady called Theresa who let us play more games, and best of all, got some agility equipment out. It was such fun and I think MH was pleased with me judging by how much praise I got!

Day two was similar to day one, except that I started finding it easier to do what MH asked After being so good for so long I did rebel at one point and found a muddy puddle to paddle in………

Sitting Pretty ?

On our last training day we did some different things in the morning like learning ‘rear foot targeting’ and ‘sitting pretty’ and playing with my tennis ball ….. more agility in the afternoon and, dear reader, to please MH. I actually sat and waited, consistently, before she let me ‘GO’ …….. you should have seen the smile on her face. ️

Jane here…

BaileyIn all honesty our stay exceeded my expectations. Bowerland is an oasis of calm and the training is amazing. I signed up to do Pro Dog Trainer training previous to our stay. Seeing it first-hand really confirmed my belief that games based training does work. Both Theresa and Michelle are inspiring trainers who clearly understand dogs are individuals and who love what they do. On getting home we continued to practice what we were taught and I am happy to report that at our first day back at our agility class we got 4 out of 5 start line waits – a massive win. I have already booked to go back next year.

Thank you Bowerland, you really are a special place xx 

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