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best decision

Photo by Sarah Horwood

The Best Decision Ever!

On the Monday during the last week of August my 16 year old daughter, Alice, our two dogs, Teia and Theo, and myself travelled down to Bowerland and Devon Dogs from Hertfordshire via Cornwall!

My dogs

Teia is reactive to other dogs, plus Theo reacts to lots of things in the environment! Dachshunds are a barky breed, but some days prove extremely bucket filling for us all! I’ve been a member of Training Academy since March and was looking to get a boost of confidence in their training.

Our fun-filled diary

best decision

Theia and Theo playing on the Annexe Patio

Monday lunchtime we went straight into a four hour training session with Teresa which started outdoors and ended up in the barn, which is even more impressive in real life! This first session was all about asking a multitude of questions and having several lightbulb moments as each one was answered! After four intense hours the four of us were ready to check into the Annexe and chill out! We had some lovely gifts awaiting all of us which was such a lovely touch. The place was spotless with everything we needed. We slept well that night!

Tuesday morning was an 8 AM start. We were indoors again thanks to the awful weather, this time with Michelle. We had another inspiring session where it really dawned on me that the most important thing to work on for our dogs is optimism. Sadly the rest of the day bought storms, so we practiced calm in the Annexe!

Wednesday – the weather was kinder to us so we had our 8 AM session outside with Michelle where we worked on boundaries and building optimism. The afternoon took us to the moors at last which are huge enough for us to avoid bucket fillers! Stunning scenery, and we even practiced two paws up and boundaries! Then it was back to the barn for our session with Teresa where we worked on confidence building with an obstacle course. We were all so delighted when timid little Theo managed it. Teresa also had some dehydrated partridge which proved popular!

Thursday we had another 8 AM start. We had to keep dashing into the barn due to the weather. Another amazing session with Teresa though, followed by a quick stroll on the moors. Then it was time to chill, followed by Teresa’s recommendation of fish and chips from Graylings. Delicious!

Friday – we started the day with four hours of consolidation with Teresa working on everything we had been learning. Then it was back to Cornwall for the night before returning to Hertfordshire.

The best decision… ever!

This has been the BEST thing I could have done for our dogs and my family. The Intensive Training Holiday has opened our eyes to so many small things that we had, or hadn’t been doing. It’s made a huge difference. It was more about training the humans than the dogs! For the first time, we finally feel that we can turn our beautiful dogs into more optimistic and confident animals, and therefore be a lot happier.

As a family we have all gained so much from our trip thanks to the help, support and advice from Michelle and Teresa. I was so buzzing when I saw my husband, that he booked an intensive course for my 50th birthday next April. And he is coming too this time!

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About the author: I’m Sarah and we had never owned a dog until we rehomed Teia our four year old standard dachshund last year. We have had animal experience having bred pedigree sheep for ten years until earlier this year. Then in February we welcomed Theo our mini dachshund who was fourteen weeks old at the time. We knew that Teia was reactive to other dogs, but she loved Theo at first sight which was wonderful. I discovered AD during lockdown, and soon ditched the bowl and started playing games! However, I still felt we all lacked confidence and therefore optimism, so we needed a boost! Hence I booked the trip to DD. 

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