Teign & Turrets Walk

Teign & Turrets

A view down the valley between Fingle Bridge and Castle Drogo. Image by By xlibber | CC BY 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Taking in Dartmoor’s most iconic River Teign, this is a 4 hour walk nearly 8 miles in length – perfect for a long hike at the weekend and easily accessible in any season. To kick things off, head to the square of Chagford, a town within north Dartmoor.

Head northeasterly out of the town, past the primary school. You will soon reach an lovely sculpture called the Granite Song, positioned on a little river island. Head past this and you will reach Dogmarsh bridge near Sandy Park. Although we are not far into the walk, you could stop for a cheeky drink at the Inn located here.

Keep going past the A382 crossing  into Castle Drogo’s estate and keep going, with the River Teign on your right, entering a lovely woodland filled with a variety of trees. Be prepared for the steep climb up Hunter’s Path – worth it for the staggering views at the top. When you’re ready to continue, head to the East.

When you reach the next signpost go straight ahead to Fingle Bridge (stopping for a detour around Drogo Castle first if you wish). Again you will find a nice Inn for a refreshment if you would like to.

Just before the bridge you’ll find a gate giving you access to the path on the other side of the river – Fisherman’s Path. Follow this path as it takes you through lovely woodland and beautiful scenery. Eventually you will reach the suspension footbridge we saw earlier – use it to retrace your steps back to Chagford.

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Chris Green

About the Author: Chris Green manages the office at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs, using his technical expertise to assist wherever needed. In his spare time he likes playing guitar and bass, and hiking around Dartmoor.

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