Teign Gorge – One of Dartmoor’s Most Famous Walks

Teign Gorge

View of Teign Gorge by Fiona Avis | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia


Teign Gorge

Piddledown Common by Roger Cornfoot | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

Taking in the famous Castle Drogo, this walk high above the river Teign Gorge is perhaps Dartmoor’s most famous walk. At 3.5 miles in length it should take you between 2 hours – 2 hours 30 mins to complete.

For this walk you’ll be starting from the main Castle Drogo car park at Drewsteignton. Once you’re parked and ready to go, follow the signs for the Teign Valley estate. Turn right and take the sign for Hunter’s Path, which will lead you down some steps and over a small gate into Piddledown Common. Keep heading down the steps until you join Hunter’s Path, at which point you’ll need to turn left and follow the signs for Fingle Bridge.

As you head on you will pass Sharp Tor on your right. Stop for slight detour if you’d like, otherwise continue along Hunter’s Path towards Fingle Bridge. Eventually you will reach a small gate to pass through (Hunter’s Gate). Soon afterward take the path on the right side heading downhill towards Fingle Bridge. Once you reach the bottom of the path, turn right and walk along the road to the bridge. This is usually quite a nice place to stop for a picnic if you’ve brought one, with peaceful meadows and beautiful scenery.

When you’re read to continue, follow the path alongside the river (called Fisherman’s Path) and keep to it as you head back through the gorge. You will eventually need to ascend and then descend the base of Sharp Tor so be prepared! As you reach the hydroelectric plant, you should be able to see Drogo Castle up above you.

Once you reach the suspension bridge, cross it and turn left and then right, following sings for Castle Drogo and the Two Moors Way. Stay on this path as it becomes a tarmac drive heading uphill. Pass through the wooden gate on your right, following sings for Hunters Path. Climb the steps when you reach them to take you back to the starting car park.

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