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attention noise

Photo by Lauren Langman

Teaching the Attention Noise Cue!

The attention noise game is a great game to play with your dog and it has a super useful practical use too! When your dog goes to do something that you’d rather they didn’t, or they are about to make a choice you’d rather they didn’t, using your attention noise in that moment is a fab way to interrupt unwanted behaviour.

You teach this as a game so that your dog sees value in hearing the noise, it means something to them which will lead to them actively choosing to stop an unwanted behaviour and orientate to you! 

Let’s be proactive, let’s train the attention noise cue as a fun game! Here’s how:

    1. Choose a quiet room in the house with minimal distractions and sit down on the floor.
    2. Gently restrain your dog by the chest and throw a piece of food out, about 1 metre away.
    3. Let your dog go and eat the food.
    4. As you have just thrown food out, your dog will cleverly think that more will be coming from your direction, so they will very likely orientate back to you.
    5. As their head starts to turn back towards you in anticipation, make a sound! The sound could be anything you like. Just make it uplifting and fun sounding!
    6. When your dog charges back towards you, reward them and celebrate!
    7. Repeat steps 2-5 lots so that your dog has massive value for the noise. Noise=reward=positive pairing=value in the noise. Once your dog understands the game in one room, play the game in different rooms and then take it out and about.

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