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Summer Care Tips by Kelly Murrell


Photo by Lauren Langman

With the summer months upon us it’s not sensible to leave your dog in the car, unless you take some time to plan some ways to ensure they are kept nice and cool. First off, it goes without saying that if you can, leave your dog at home when its sunny outside.

If you are running errands etc, there’s no real need for your dog to come along and be left in your vehicle. Home is safer.

However, we get it, sometimes your dog needs to come along! You might be attending a training class or workshop or you might be competing in a dog sports competition. We are going to share our top tips on how you can ensure temperatures inside your car remain safe and your dog is comfortable.

Before we go on, these Summer Care Tips are really aimed at those times where you are attending some kind of dog event; training, a competition etc., as we have already mentioned, if you are simply running errands… leave your dog at home!

Crate in The Training Venue

Rather than leave your dog in the car, is there somewhere cool you can set up a crate at the training venue.

Consider Where You Park

It goes without saying that its best to try and park in the shade, if you can.

Prep Your Vehicle

Roll down all of the windows, use a tailgate so you can leave the back open to allow air to flow through or leave the boot open if your dog is in a crate.

Cover Your Vehicle

We really love the reflective windscreen covers and the big mesh sheets that go over the vehicle. These are really effective.


Keep your dog well hydrated

We love using Fitdog which is a energy and rehydrate powder than you mix into water. The purpose of Fitdog is to give your dog extra hydration which is perfect for those hot days when you are training or competing. Our good friend Lesley Pugh at Colimanor stocks Fitdog.


Use Crate Fans

If your dog is crated inside your vehicle (something we would recommend anyway) you can clip a battery operated crate fan onto the front which are really effective at keeping air flow.

Don’t Over Do Training in Summer

Whether you are training or competing, ensure your dog isn’t out in the heat for too long. During your training session keep things nice and short with 2-3 reps, then let your dog rest in the cool. Likewise, when competing, get the job done and take your dog back to the cool

Check Your Dog

Where you can, stay with your dog or repeatably check on them so you can be sure they are safe and comfortable. If there are times where your dog needs to be left, say you are helping in an agility ring for example, ask a friend to keep checking on them.

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