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Stuck in a Rut? How to Identify your Roadblocks

Do you ever have those go slow moments? When a sort of lazy/hazy cloud appears to surround some aspect of your life?  You feel stuck in a rut – and can’t seem to move on? If you’re anything like me, this slowing down type of feeling comes over you gradually, over a period of time. A sort of lethargy, an inability to deal with a certain task, a certain situation or sometimes a number of different problems that seem hard to deal with. 

What is this all about?

Could it be about your energy levels? Or even the time of year, or the season we are in?  Why do you think we have these dips from time to time?  I have been pondering this for awhile and it seems to me that most of the time I am able to hold things together in a number of different ways. Maybe I just find solutions that seem to work for me. Perhaps not always in the best way possible, but held together nonetheless. It reminds me of using sticky tape to cover a gap, or using paste to hold bits of your life together.

And then something else comes along, or we come up against a particular situation or awkward task, that breaks into and across that sticky tape, and everything falls apart.

The log jam

I have been wondering what it is that causes the log jam in our carefully laid out plans. What is it that causes certain issues or problems to turn into monumental difficult chores that we can’t seem to deal with? What is the common factor that triggers a go-slow, an impasse, an insurmountable obstacle? 

Is it perhaps just the sheer volume of tasks and duties that mount up? Or perhaps it is a dip in energy levels. Or maybe at certain times we lack the actual willpower to soldier on?

What makes you feel stuck?

So, my questions to ponder today are:

  1. What is the log jam in your life?
  2. What causes you to have a go-slow moment?
  3. What makes you feel stuck?
  4. How do you overcome it and get back on track?

This helps to identify our main road blocks, and what makes it insurmountable for you. In other words, in what way are we frozen, and what would free us up in order to get the difficult tasks executed?

Next week we will look at the key steps we can take to get us out of the rut and to get back into the flow of our lives. Read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE

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