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Sergeant Stubby

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Stubby the War Dog

Stubby was automatically adopted by the 102nd infantry after wandering onto the encampment in Massachusetts in 1917. Later the soldiers smuggled him onto the ship when they sailed to France.

Stubby kept watch over the 102nd Infantry

Throughout WW1 Stubby kept watch over the 102nd Infantry and alerted them to German attacks. He was gassed several times in his life and even wounded by a hand grenade. He also found a German spy, whom he held onto by the seat of his pants until the American troops could complete the capture!

Stubby went along to the hospital and cheered up the troops

When his master Corporal J Robert Conroy was wounded devoted Stubby went along to the hospital and cheered up the troops by making rounds of the wards.

Stubby became a highly decorated dog with medals of service for campaigns and battles. He also received a Purple Heart and various veterans awards. He also had a chamois blanket made for him by a group of French women. It was decorated with allied flags to display his medals.

Stubby the Celebrity

After the war Stubby became quite the celebrity. He became a lifetime member of the American Legion, the YMCA and the Red Cross. He also lived at the YMCA and made tours for the Red Cross. Eventually Stubby passed away in 1926, and was then preserved and displayed with his medals at the Smithsonian Institute.

This is a remarkable story of a dog’s courage and devotion

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