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spring getaway

North Devon Coast by Matt ProsserCC-BY-SA 3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Spring Getaway at Bowerland

We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time, when things are getting on top of us or we just need a change of perspective or scenery.  Here are a few of my tips:

1. Take a Break with a Spring Getaway 

Some time away from your normal routine can make a world of difference. It gives you the chance to be yourself. You don’t always want to be fulfilling a role, such as a worker, a mother, a provider. Sometimes it is good to just  be you – let go of the ties, the tasks, the worries – if only for a few hours. Try to get a change of scenery, if you can manage an overnight or weekend stay, even better! It makes all the difference and you will come back feeling refreshed and revived.

2. Spend time with your pets

spring getawayWe know that our pets give us much joy and comfort, whatever pet you have. Spending time with them when you are feeling out of sorts, really does help to improve your general mood and attitude. To stroke them, cuddle or groom them not only is good for their health but also has a calming affect on you. And what could be more uplifting than taking your dog for a walk? Feeling the breeze on your face, being out in the fresh air, bringing a spring to your step, these simple pleasures all help to uplift your spirits. The companionship of your dog by your side, gives you a sense of peace, of security, of belonging. And walking along the beach with your dog is simply wonderful! Fortunately Bowerland is not too far away from the stunning North or South Devon coastlines. 🙂

3. Get out in the Sunshine

summerOur bodies create Vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we are out in the fresh air. The experts say that on average, if you spend 20 minutes a day in the sunlight, it is enough to boost up your system. Especially during the summer months of March – October. But apart from the health benefits, just being out in the sunlight brightens up your day. Whether in the city, the countryside, or if you are really lucky, the beach, it really does lift up your spirits!  It works like magic.

4. Catch up with friends 

spring getawayThere is nothing like time spent with good friends.  You can while away many an hour over a cup of tea, or even something stronger!  This connection, this contact with someone you know well and who knows you well, is a good reviver for the soul. A good pick-me-up. Especially if you are feeling out of sorts. It is surprising how an hour or so can make all the difference. You can share your thoughts, laugh at yourself, get back to normal! After all, your good friends know you so well, you can be sure to get some great advice.  And you feel better just knowing that someone out there really does care about you and your problems.

5. A little Retail Therapy

Mousehole Cream TeaIt feels good to spend a little money on yourself now and again – to potter around the shops and search out bargains. Allow yourself a small budget. If you can stretch to £50 there is a lot you can buy. For example I recently visited the big city (well, big locally that is!) and enjoyed 4 hours wandering around the shops. I bought a cushion, a throw, and some coasters for the house. And I enjoyed every minute it – the decision making process, weighing up the pros and cons with a good friend and more. It was great, and the best bit of all was the pottering. 🙂

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