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Discover New Ways to Spring Clean your Life

March is a great time for a spring clean. Time to sweep out the cobwebs, tidy up the cupboards and breathe fresh air into your life!

Putting your house in order also brightens up all other aspects of your life and helps you to see clearly the things you want to keep, and more importantly, the things you don’t want to hang onto. It is a great way to clear up all the untidy loose ends and start afresh once more.  And of course March signals a new season, a new beginning, and therefore a new you!

Most of us prefer to live in a clean and tidy environment, which is reflected in the fundamental practice of feng shui. When things are in the right place, when you have reached the optimum look and feel for the space you live in, your life will change for the better. You will have a feeling of brightness, of freshness, and of hope as you enjoy living in your clutter free home.

Here are my Top Tips

  1. Write a list of all the areas you want to tackle, and separate them down into manageable chunks that you can complete in a day.  You will be able to tick these off your list as you go. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and wish you hadn’t started… this will help you to focus.
  2. Identify the areas that are high priority to you and declutter these first before cleaning, making sure you tidy away any items that are not in an appropriate place. 
  3. Give yourself a step up by purchasing all the products you need, such as bin bags, rubber gloves, cleaning materials before starting your spring clean.   
  4. Invest in new storage items to help you to keep everything in its new place. There are some wonderful ones on the market at the moment.
  5. Think about more natural products, for example lemons can be very flexible. It is surprising how a handful of lemons can transform your kitchen areas. Descaling your kettle, taking any unwanted smells from your fridge etc. White vinegar is also wonderful for cleaning glass.
  6. As you go through each area in turn, visualise how you want it to look. Place all your items on the floor and make your decision on what you want to keep.  Discard any unwanted items in the bin bags, ready for giving away, or recycling.

Most importantly, make it an enjoyable experience, make it fun! Turn up your music, and get right into it. You will be surprised at what you can achieve!

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