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solution seeker tipsSolution Seeker Tips by Kelly Murrell

This week we are going to look at some common dog training struggles and what you can do to turn those struggles into strengths.

Struggle 1: My Dog is Unmotivated

If you love the idea of games based dog training but your dog doesn’t seem to care, plus his motivation and drive only switches on when a squirrel is present, here’s our solution:

Solution 1:

  1. CREATE LOTS OF EASY WINS: For now ensure all of the games you play are very easy for your dog to achieve. Don’t ask for anything too complex. Also scrap any games that require control from your dog for now. Only work games that build and boost desire, drive and that pulse. Bring the joy to your training sessions with easy wins!
  2. SHORT SESSIONS: We say it a lot but its worth repeating; training sessions should be a fun time, not a long time. Challenge yourself to a 30 second training session! Its harder than it sounds! Keeping sessions short and full of small bursts of energy will help to build motivation.
  3. BRING THE ENERGY YOURSELF: Before you start the game, bring energy to the session! Jump up and down with your dog, make the experience of going to your training area, grabbing the food/toys exciting! Create anticipation!

Struggle 2: My Dog is a Picky Eater

If your dog is an extremely picky eater and using food for training is a real challenge, this is for you.

Solution 2: Animate the Food and Unleash the Beast!

Change up your reward delivery when playing the games.. In essence, initiate the inner chase in your dog and you do that by making the food come alive, make it exciting! Play games that are quick fire round type games, such as:

    • Restrain your dog, throw a piece of food out and as its rolling across the floor, let your dog go. Encourage them to ‘GET IT’.
    • Switch the food between your hands to create excitement!
    • Play catch with food.
    • Play the vanishing act where you show your dog a piece of food then hide it somewhere easy for them to hunt out and find!
    • Making food exciting!

Struggle 3: How can I ditch the bowl if I feed my dog raw?

When we suggest ditching the bowl, sometimes we are met with questions on just how you do that if you feed your dog raw. Please don’t view feeding your dog raw as a road block to ditching the bowl! Many of our students feed raw and manage it. It just takes a little bit of planning and creativity but it for sure is doable.

Solution: Here are some ideas how to make it work:

    • Chop up chicken necks into small pieces
    • Chop up and dehydrate liver, kidney, heart etc.
    • Pop your prepared mince into a squirty bottle with a nozzle on the end. One squirt = one food reward delivered into your dog’s mouth!

These are just some of our suggestions! Do you feed raw and have you ditched the bowl? Read more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE.

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