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Photo by Mel Taylor

Socialisation by Kelly Murrell

That famous word when it comes to puppies!!! This week we are going to explain why you shouldn’t get too hooked up on socialisation and rushing to get puppy out and about to as many different places as possible….

So you may have seen those socialisation check lists

Has your puppy met; 10 different men preferably with moustaches, or baseball caps, or both; 10 different women; 10 different children; 100 dogs of all shapes; sizes, colours and breeds; 30 cats; a pig; a goat; a horse; a cow; someone carrying something… Scrap that, actually carrying ALL THINGS, a car, a bus, a train, a plane, a llama, a zebra…we’re just kidding, but you catch our drift!

Well-intentioned socialisation checklists are minefields – let us explain why.

You see, people can get a little bit obsessed with the task of the socialisation check list (or any checklist as there’s the desire there to tick things off a list! We get it!) and ticking off the items, so then socialisation turns into a game of scavenger hunt, of sorts. Popping your puppy next to something or into a situation and rejoicing (‘hurray we can tick THAT off the list!’) that they have been socialised to that thing can be counterproductive.

Socialisation checklists inadvertently create the desire to get puppies out and about seeing things in their world, without considering if the puppy has the groundwork skills to able to cope with the situation that they find themselves in. Our goal with socialisation is that puppies see new and novel events as non-events; they remain cool, calm and collected, they find it easy to disengage from whatever is in their environment and to engage on their owner and they aren’t worried by anything.

Want to know how to achieve all that?!

Here at Devon Dogs, we are all about training FOR the situation, rather than IN the situation. This means playing games and growing skills that your puppy will need to negotiate their world, rather than training them while they are in the situation itself.

These are just some of our suggestions! Read more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE and check out our Online Training Classes over at Devon Dogs.

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