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Ok, I don’t know about you but I really struggle with goal setting, especially finding goals that are specific, measurable and timely. As many of you know, I have recently discovered Bullet Journalling is this is the new thing shiny thing in my life. And one of the key features in Bullet Journalling is all around setting goals.  I found it was the one area I could not started, and found myself procrastinating. 

?‍♀️My goals evaded me?‍♀️

It wasn’t that I didn’t have any, it was more that they were too woolly, too enormous even, and seemed to be all about huge things I had been trying to accomplish for years.  

In the end I gave it my best shot and came up with my 3 main goals. And these were personal goals, although my work life balance featured in them as well. These goals focused on how I wanted to be, how I wanted live my life over the foreseeable future. And out of the 3 goals, one was about aspects of self care, which included looking after my body, around health and diet and fitness and exercise.

?‍♀️My Dreams & Desires?‍♀️

These goals were in the background of my mind.  As the weeks moved on, I focused mainly on my day to day tasks, using the bullet journal for numerous lists and reminders. And starting to feel creative around my pages. In fact I am using the journal in the way that suits me, as you are supposed to. But I kept coming back to the goals.  There they were –  6 & 7 – reminding me how I wanted to live my life and fulfil my dreams and desires. Within my bullet journal I am now up to page 36, so you can see how busy I have been.  I have monthly logs, daily task lists, books to read, purchases to buy, different project headings and many more really helpful reminders and nudges of things I want to do.

?‍♀️Self Care seems to be the area I keep returning to?‍♀️

However, I keep returning to study my goals.  And Self Care seems to be the area I keep returning to.  Within this goal I have now created a new project, a subheading. and I have called it my healthy project. Within this project I have split it down into 2 sections.  One section is on food and diet and one on fitness and exercise. To be honest, I decided to break it down even further and to call it my holiday body project.  And this is because I recently went to purchase a new swimming costume for my summer holiday, and in the changing room of the store, I saw how my body looked, close up and personal. The changing room had mirrors from all angles. It was not a pretty sight! It did, however, give me the impetus to start my holiday body project.

?‍♀️Colourful and Creative ?‍♀️

After drawing up my project list, in a colourful and creative way of course (with my new coloured felts and my new stickers), the first action I took was to weigh and measure myself. I then looked at how much weight I wanted to lose, and listed out some meal plans that may help me.  Of course I also thought of the exercise side of things.  You need to do both, not just eat healthily, but be more active as well.

?‍♀️5 days into the project and I’m doing really well!?‍♀️

And I do put it down to the way I am using my Bullet Journal, it really does help me to stick to my goals. Of course it is still early days. But I have a good eye for focus, combined with a very strong will power.  When I make up my mind, I tend to stick to it.  And I do want to look and feel healthier. It is easier to achieve in some ways because of living here at Bowerland, there are some fantastic walks close by.  The air on Dartmoor is fresh and invigorating and we also have our own natural spring water, lovely and pure. So no excuses, I just need to get on with it!

Let’s see how I do, and of course I will share my experience with you. Over the next month I will keep you up to date with my progress!  But what about you, has anyone started a new bullet journal, or a project list, with Self Care in mind recently?  I would love to hear from you if you have.

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