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Shana Rescues Elderly Owners From Deadly Snowstorm

The Shining World Hero Award was awarded to Shana, a half Wolf, half German Shepherd, for rescuing her human caretakers during a life-threatening ice storm.

The Fertig Family rescued Shana when she was a young sick pup. They took her to their Enchanted Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in upstate New York, where they nursed her back to health. Shana was a faithful loving companion to the elderly couple and neither of them would have guessed that she would save them 7 years later.

the Fertigs were caring for injured birds at their Sanctuary when they became trapped by falling trees during an unexpected icestorm.  The temperatures dipped dangerously low and the Fertigs began to worry that they would die of exposure.

…the lights went out and I realized something was wrong. We looked outside to see what’s happening and down came one massive tree… right across from where we were standing, said Eva Fertig.

The fallen tree blocked their path to the other buildings on the property, including their home, which was about 60 metres away. 

Shana started tunnelling

Shana realised the Fertigs needed help and went into hero mode. She tunnelled through dirt, branches, snow, and ice to reach the elderly couple who were huddled together to stay warm. At first Mr. Fertig didn’t want to get in the tunnel, because of the time he spent in Okinawa foxholes during WWII. But Shana crawled back to the couple and pulled Mrs. Fertig onto her back. Her husband grabbed his wife’s ankles and Shana slowly pulled them both through the tunnel.

The House Was Without Heat or Electricity

The house was without heat or power, but once again, Shana once came to the rescue and kept the Fertigs warm until the fire department arrived the next morning. In Eve’s own words:

It was the most  heroic thing I have ever seen in my life. We opened the door and we just fell in and she laid on top of us and just stayed there and kept us alive…that’s were we were when the firemen found us.

The firemen wanted the Fertigs to come to the firehouse until power was restored. But since there were already other folks taking shelter there, Shana would not be able to come along. Naturally the Fertigs refused to leave her alone, so the Fire Dept provided them with food. 

Shana heroic act did not go unnoticed and she was presented with a Shining World Hero Award plaque, together with two “Hero” jackets designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Shana is a special dog and truly deserves the title “hero.”

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