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Meaningful Ways to Set your Goals for 2021

If you have followed last week’s blog we have now set our intentions, reviewed the past year, and thought through our achievements and lessons we have learnt. We’ve had time to think about our core values and vision for the future. Wow – we’re ready to set out our goals and plans for 2021. Hooray! Let’s hope it is a good year for us all – a time for healing and positive thinking.

Goal setting is a way of turning our dreams and desires into reality 

But without direction it is impossible to set out realistic goals, and your direction needs to be absolutely spot on, it needs to be clear and right for you. To help you to focus, think about what your main goals are, with regard to your family & friends, your health and lifestyle, and your job and financial position.

Goal setting helps to:

  • Focus on the things that are important to you – and decide what it is that you want, you really, really want
  • Give you purpose and direction – and especially if you write it all down
  • Set clear action steps and a detailed plan of how you are going to achieve your goals
  • Increase your likelihood of success but make sure you revisit your goals on a regular basis

What you need to do next is to break down each goal into smaller steps which will help you to achieve them.

Make sure you start with your Yearly Goals first

This helps to set the scene. Once you have decided on these Yearly Goals, then break them down into weekly goals. To help me to focus, I tend to take a month at a time and hone in on one main task each month. I then dig even deeper and break this monthly task down into several distinct themes, and I work on these a week at a time (setting out a task to achieve for each day). It is important to action these daily, and weekly steps in order to achieve your monthly goals.

Here are my top tips to help you to achieve your desired goals:

  1. Once you have set your Yearly Goals (your long term goals), and made sure they are SMART goals, then write them down
  2. Define your goals for the month, and then each week in the month
  3. Write down what it is you want to achieve each day and how you are going to manage it
  4. Think about potential roadblocks and how you are going to overcome them
  5. Make sure you accomplish your daily/weekly action tasks – even if it means bringing it forward to the next day
  6. Review, review, review – make sure you review your action lists daily, updating and revising as necessary

And don’t forget, make the most of this time as this New Year is a great opportunity to take a brand new perspective on your life, who you want to be in 2021, and how you want to spend the next 12 months. 

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