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Self-Care – Keeping On Track by Carole Langman

How are you getting on with your Spring self-care stocktake? Have you had any insights? Or any enlightened light-bulb moments?

I have been looking for a guiding light to shine down, to help

As we are entering into the second quarter of the year, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on my Spring stocktake. As you know, I have come across a book by Ryder Carroll all about Bullet Journalling. I wanted to see a clear path ahead, rather than the rocky road I have been travelling for many a year, (in fact, most of my adult life). The road I have been on feels like a stop me, start me type of road. Even though I do find enlightenment in many places, I seem to slip back into old habitual ways, which don’t actually get me very far along the path of fulfilment.  

The Bullet Journal method is starting to make a difference

By noting down a number of tasks, ideas, goals and lists I can certainly feel the difference. However, I did struggle with this at the very beginning, in one of the fundamental parts of the bullet journal system. The most important chapter on goal setting. It shouldn’t be difficult to write down your goals and intentions should it?  But I found it incredibly hard. Perhaps that is reflected in how I live my life. I wonder if any of you feel the same? 

Goal setting is a key factor in self-care, and why it is so very important to get it right.  Using the bullet journal method keeps your goals firmly at the front of your mind. By writing down the ways in which you can look after yourself, you start to follow the steps and do what you have stated you want to do.  And in turn, you gain and grow by taking time out for self care.

For me I feel that something has shifted  

I think more about the upbeat, motivating things on my list. Rather than going around in circles, trying to accomplish everyone else’s priorities. I did eventually write down my goals and split them into 3 distinct areas:

  1. Work/life Balance
  2. Self-care
  3. 5 year plan

Once I had found these 3 fundamental areas, I split each one down again into ways to achieve the goal. 

So the Bullet Journal method has proven to be a tool to help me to achieve my goals, and it is working!  I feel happier, more self-fulfilled, and achieving much more than I ever did.  I am on top of my tasks, both work and personal, as well as keeping an eye on my 3 main goals in life. 

It is making a difference – my outlook has changed, I don’t focus on the problems or the issues and the negatives (we all have them)!  Instead I look  towards the things that make me feel strong, feel motivated and are my dreams and desires in life. 

After all, if we don’t get on with it now, when will we? No-one wants to reach the end of their life and have regrets.  Rather than that, we need to stand proud and confident in the knowledge that we have enjoyed being ourselves – no regrets!

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