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The Secret to a Stress Free Life

Stress can a big problem for many people. Some of us experience a hectic work environment as well as well as a chaotic home life. There are numerous bills and expenses that are a constant worry to us, and we can easily fall into bad habits such as unhealthy eating, drinking too much and smoking.

Of course there is no such thing as a stress free life, that is not possible. And a small amount of stress is helpful to motivate and challenge us and often helps us grow and develop.


Last week we looked at how, by creating a daily affirmation, we could start to programme our subconscious minds in order to dictate the outcome of our lives. We discovered that by repeating chosen affirmations every day we were building up a statement of intent. And we found that this also helps us to get into the right mindset in order to find our purpose in life.

Structure and Simplify

My tips for this week focuses on how to structure our time and simplify our daily schedule. A hectic schedule is a major cause of stress. We need to reduce the number of commitments in our lives to just maintaining the essential ones, and leave out the others. After all, what is the worst that could happen? 

Check out my tips below to help you to feel less busy and pressured

  1. Ask yourself the following questions – what do you love to spend your time doing, which person would you like to spend more time with, and what are the key things you want to accomplish on any day (limit it to no more than 3 tasks).  Make sure you take note of your answers when you do your daily scheduling.
  2. Now schedule in your whole day, put in everything that you need to do on that day, including any time off you have. Continue to do this for at least a week. Make sure you put in your Me time as well!
  3. At the end of every day check out how much of your time has been spent doing things you have to do (your tasks) as opposed to doing things that bring you joy. Try and shift the balance so that you spend more time on the things that bring you joy.

Reducing Commitments

By reducing the number of commitments in your life to just the essential ones, and by getting into a habit of doing so, you will create the mood and mindset to suit you. Learn to say no to what is not essential for you, and start to get out of commitments that aren’t beneficial to you. If you ensure that you schedule no more than 5 important things each day, and put plenty of space between them, you will end up getting more tasks completed. I love the idea of having 5 top action points for each day, that works for me!

Make sure you leave room for time off, make sure you leave time for fun! Check out more of my Monday Motivation Blogs HERE

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