Seacombe Sands

Seacombe Sands

By Nilfanion | CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia

This week’s Wednesday Walk is a 4 mile circular coastal walk from Easy Portlemouth to Seacombe Sands (which is also known as Gara Rock Beach). You can expect stunning coastal views during the walk.

To begin, head to Mill Bay National Trust car park. From the beach head inland, then go right and then straight. You’ll be able to see Mill Bay on the right.

When you reach a car park, go right and head up the hill. Make sure you stay on the right hand side to head towards the coastal walk. This will eventually bring you to Sunny Cove. Here you can optionally head down to the sandy beach to relax for a period, or continue along the coastal path.

As you head along the coastal path you’ll reach a gate. Pass through the gate and follow the path as it takes you past a memorial plaque in memory of those who lost their lives in the Salcombe Lifeboat Disaster in 1910. Keep going and you’ll reach the Gara Rock signpost, where you can either head to the right down to the beach (Gara Rock Beach is a beautiful, unspoilt sandy cove!), or left to a hotel and café for some refreshments.

When you’re ready to continue, head back up the trail towards a white building. At the top head to the right which will take you alongside a hotel. Keep walking up the road until you reach a Coast Path sign and cross over the stile. Head through the car park this takes you to and onto a trail at the far side signposted for Mill Bay.

This trail will lead you to a muddy track – cross over and go through the opposite gate and down the path there, which takes you back to Mill Bay car park. At the end of the car park turn right and follow the road back along the coast to where you began.

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