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precious time

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Quick Gains in Saving Precious Time

Last week we started the process of finding ways to save time with suggestions on how you can make more time for yourself.  We completed a whole week of time monitoring, which hopefully has given us a much better idea of what we do, each and every day. And, more importantly, what things we can stop doing in order to provide time to do what we want to do.

This week we are going to look at quick gains. We’re going to get rid of some of the stuff we hang onto, and have a big clear-out following the principles of Marie Kondo in her book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.’

We’re going to get rid of clutter across all aspects of our daily lives:

  • Clothes
  • Books and paperwork
  • Different Rooms in the house
  • Your office and desk
  • Your computer

Before you start, make sure you have plenty of black bin bags, and strong cardboard boxes and that you label everything.  Work in specific areas or on specific items, sorting by category and not by location. Choose one category at a time, starting with clothing and then moving onto books and paperwork. Leave any sentimental items until last. Take away from the house anything that you are going to discard, and get rid of it, don’t leave it lying around.  Box up anything that you are going to keep, making sure you have clearly marked what is in the box, and then store it away, but don’t forget about it!  Backup your computer and clear away any old emails or files that you no longer need.  You’ll feel much better for it!

Save Precious Time – Do it Now!

The next step in my guide to saving time is around the subject of procrastination. Instead of putting things off, make sure you have a new mantra, commit to a new model, and Do it Now!

Do you find that you tend to procrastinate?

What are you like for putting things off until later? Do you find all sorts of distractions, and techniques to hold you up, rather than to actually get on with what you could be doing? I learnt the hard way while I was studying for my vocational degree, whilst at the same time holding down a full time demanding job. To add to the equation, my children who were both teenagers, were going through various exams at the same time – GCSE’s and A-levels. It was a very busy time.


During this time I would rather do anything other than working on my assignments. I would find myself typing up my notes, and making sure my work was neatly filed away. I would then make myself a cup of tea, and get distracted in any shape or form until it reached crunch time…. deadline dates for handing in work! When I reached that stage I found myself experiencing a state of panic, and resorted to closing down every other part of my life until I finished my assignments. It was not a good feeling handing them in by the skin of my teeth!


Eventually I did learn to get all my preparation done in advance, with all my notes researched and ready to go. I made sure my computer was up and running with no last minute hiccups, and informed everyone that I was not to be disturbed.  I gave myself plenty of time in case I needed to ‘adjust & amend’ before handing the work in.  In truth, I made a commitment to myself.

As Michael Heppell suggests in his book, ‘How to Save an Hour Every Day,’ I made a commitment to myself, and recorded it. Michael says that if you respect the person you are making the commitment to, then it will work. I made a commitment to myself, I wrote it on my calendar, and I kept to it.

Coming Up

Next week, following on with our quest to save time, we will look at decision-making and how not to put it off! You can read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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