Vixana the Witch of Vixen Tor


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The story goes that Vixana was a witch that lived near Vixen Tor, a huge granite tor between Princetown and Tavistock.  She was an awesome sight at 6ft tall and very thin, with a bulbous nose and squinty eyes. She hated everything and everything hated her. Apparently she used to sit and watch out for lone travellers from atop the tor.

When she saw someone walking along, she would cast a spell that conjured up a thick rolling mist.  Then she would call out to the traveller, pretending to call them to safety. But instead she lured them into a deep and dangerous mire to a slow and gruesome end. Whilst they were struggling, she would watch and enjoy from the top of the tor.

She was finally disposed of by a young lad from Oakey. He had been bestowed with special powers after helping some pixies and was able to become invisible. Thus he was able to creep up on the old crone and push her into the deep mud of the mire where, like her previous victims, she was sucked into eternity. Her passing was a much celebrated reminder how good conquers evil.

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