The Three Musketeers by Madam Poppysox – In Memory of Parker the Barker 17.12.2007 – 17.11.2016


That’s me on the right – Madam Poppysox!


Our lady servant calls us her three musketeers. I don’t know why. We don’t wear silly clothes with big buckles, thigh length leather boots or bark ‘All for one. One for all’ and apart from anything… I’m a girl!! That’s me on the right. We all have individual names of course.

Our real names are Poppy (that’s me) and I’m the matriarch. I’m 10-years old and run a tight ship!! Then there’s Parker who’s almost 9 and Rollie at just 18 months, but our human servants also have quite ridiculous names for us too. I’m often referred to as ‘Madame Poppysox’. Well I can be a bit of a madam and I do have little brown socks, so I can see where that name came from. Our lady servant also calls me ‘Girly Girl’ which I quite like as it usually means I’m going to get a cuddle and my tummy stroked. I don’t let just ANYONE give me a cuddle or stroke my tummy and I have been known to show my alien dog face to people who presume to get too familiar!!

My step brother Parker is known variously as, ‘Parker the Barker’ (because…well…he does go on a bit), ‘Nosey Parker’ (because he always wants to check out what our human servants are doing), and ‘Spud’( because he can be a real couch potato). Our lady servant spent years and years and years and years (her words, not mine…she does SO over exaggerate!!) trying to get Spud, interested in playing with toys and training for agility, which is what we actually all love doing in our spare time, although I only do a little at home these days as I have a little arthritis and breathing problems.

Spud’s actually quite good at playing now and will tug ferociously on his holey roller, occasionally mistaking our lady servants hand for said holey roller. She does make a fuss when that happens, but I think all of those purply, greeny, yellow patterns on her hands look nice! Spud (sorry, must use his proper name), Parker and our lady servant are quite a good team actually, much to my annoyance! He has rather a lot of lovely rosettes and trophies from his agility shows. When he got his very first trophy, our lady servant cried!! Ridiculous!!

Now Rollie, or Rollie Monster as he is affectionately known, is the baby of the family. When he was very small, our lady servant used to call him Dobbie the House Elf, which made her and the man servant laugh. They said he looked just like a character from Harry Potter and I must admit, when I saw pictures he really did. It didn’t make me laugh though. Humans!! Rollie is quite devastatingly handsome! He flirts with the girls and some of them flirt back. Outrageous! I don’t know what all the fuss is about. These youngsters didn’t invent…you know…erm…thingy appeal (oh I’m blushing now). I might be 10 years old but I’ve still ‘got it’. I can swish my tail with the best of them!

If he’s been really good and shown to me the absolute deference that a dog of my standing in the community deserves and expects, I will allow him to play with me and we have a jolly time racing around the garden or just a bit of gentle wrestling in the house. He’s coming along nicely with his agility, but I’ve heard my lady servant saying “It’s a completely different ball game this time” and “I need to up my game…he’s soooo fast!” I think she’s up for the challenge though!

Every year, our human servants take us all to Spain to escape the Winter. We go to a fabulous national park where we can run for miles in the mountains and plains and swim in the sea. We just love it! We really love our life and our human servants and I know they love us to the moon and back, even when some of us are naughty (Rollie unravelled a new toilet roll the other day and the man servant was cross, but the lady servant laughed her head off!) It’s been lovely to share a little of our lives with you and hope you enjoyed reading about us. “All for one and one…” Oh, I said we never bark that didn’t I?


Madam Poppysox

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