Spinster’s Rock on Dartmoor

Have you heard the story about Spinster’s Rock on Dartmoor?  Spinster’s Rock is quite famous for being the only Neolithic Dalmen left in Devon. It consists of three upright stones, with one capstone along the top of it. Because of its history, there are a couple of different stories, and therefore I am interested in what you think.

spinster's rock

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The first story explains that there were three women spinners (women who spun wool). Early one morning they set out to take their wool to market. Passing a spot where a fallen cromlech stood, the women decided to put it right by erecting three granite slabs.

Not only did they accomplish this herculean task, but the women also topped the three stones with a larger capstone. How they managed to move the stones into position, is a mystery!  But as a result of their hard work, Spinster’s Rock now stands.

Another version is that an old man (supposedly Noah) and his 3 sons appeared out of nowhere and erected the stones, but then disappeared. Furthermore, the stones are supposed to be Noah’s three sons and he allegedly is the capstone. Perhaps you also heard other myths about Maidens being turned into stone for dancing on the Sabbath?


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